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Today Rigma Group offers: AURA warm floors, characterized by unsurpassed reliability. The warranty on the cable is 20 years, service in Russia is provided by the largest manufacturer of electrical equipment, the SST company (Special Systems and Technologies, brand of heated floors “Teplolux”). - A heated floor under tiles based on a two-core heating mat AURA Heating MTA is certainly the optimal solution for comfortable heating. It can be installed both in cement-sand screed and directly in tile adhesive. - Warm floor on a screed based on two-core heating sections AURA Heating KTA - installed in a layer of screed 3-5 cm thick. Suitable for the main heating of any premises and for additional comfortable floor heating. — Universal heated floor AURA UNIVERSAL LTL, equipped with insulation of increased heat resistance, so it can be used for the main heating of the room. Installed in a screed or in a layer of tile adhesive.

Founded: 2010
Registration date: 03.04.2015
Update date: 03.04.2015 [ID: 2476]

Ventilation and climate control equipment

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Khimki, Repina 6/34

+7 (495) 666 02 70

29th international building and interiors trade show