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Manufacturing of parts according to drawings and samples for manufacturing enterprises from any steel, caprolon, textolite, cast iron and other materials. We have a large fleet of turning, milling, gear-cutting, gear-planing, grinding machines, furnaces and HDTV installations for heat treatment of parts. You can order parts in any quantity - from 1 piece. We produce shafts, gears, stars, knives, springs, cast iron, rubber goods, high-precision products, studs, bolts and much more. We guarantee high quality. We work all over Russia.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 27.06.2015
Update date: 27.06.2015 [ID: 2423]

Industry: Construction
Logo RemMechService

Moscow, st. Irkutskaya, 1

+7 (495) 369-68-10, (499) 346-69-15, (917) 550-46-31