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Potolkov Company specializes in the most popular suspended ceilings in Russia: Armstrong and Grilyato. We sell and install all types of suspended ceilings, as well as sell and install floor coverings. The range of our services includes calculating the cost of suspended ceilings and floor coverings, designing a suspension system for an office or store, and installing suspended ceilings. We work with the largest ceiling manufacturers, such as PMZ, Lumsvet, RockFon, Armstrong and Peresvet. By contacting the Potolkov company, you receive professional service, quality materials and support a domestic manufacturer.

Founded: 2013
Registration date: 23.02.2016
Update date: 23.02.2016 [ID: 2253]

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St. Petersburg, st. Peredovikov, 20

+7 (812) 925-4441

29th international building and interiors trade show