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Online store "Parquet-North" offers a wide selection of floor coverings (solid boards, parquet, decking boards, plinths), as well as a variety of parquet chemicals (parquet varnish, glue, assorted wood oils, primers , putties, care products). We sell products from reputable manufacturers of parquet chemicals - brands Loba, Bona, Osmo, Stauf, Perazin and others. Manufacturers of flooring: Grabo, Parketoff, Ribadao, Domestic manufacturers and many others.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 10.08.2015
Update date: 10.08.2015 [ID: 2157]

Decoration Materials

Chemicals for construction

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Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, building 89

+7 (495) 585-9924

29th international building and interiors trade show