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We can provide you with significant assistance in searching and selecting reliable and high-quality metal and interior doors, as well as components for construction projects, fire-fighting structures, X-ray protective doors, etc. The color scheme and variety of textures will help turn your ideas into reality. We also note that the cities in which our goods are sold have almost no competitive companies offering the same level of product quality. We are the exclusive dealer of modern construction and medical materials, bumpers, expansion joints, road artificial bumps, and dirt-resistant aluminum carpets.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 21.10.2012
Update date: 13.04.2016 [ID: 2097]

Windows, doors, glass, etc.

Metal structures and metal products

Services for the construction industry

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Kursk, Magistralnaya st., 44a

+7 (4712) 770-280

29th international building and interiors trade show