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10 years is an indicator of our experience and reliability; you can be sure that we will be with you throughout the entire service life of your window. We have our own production in Ryazan, which is certified by German concerns according to class “A”. This is the highest class for automated production, which guarantees stable and correct geometry for your windows and confirms the high level of quality of Satels windows. Recommendations - over 60% of our clients are repeat requests and recommendations. This proves that they trust us! We use components from leading European suppliers. Due to the fact that the thickness of the outer wall of the profile in our windows is 3 mm, this provides increased thermal protection. Another advantage is the galvanized steel reinforcement, 1.5 mm thick, which will ensure the reliability of the structure while resisting wind loads. German fittings guarantee reliability for 60,000 opening cycles. It also provides versatility and comfortable operation of the window; anti-corrosion coating of the fittings allows you to increase the durability of your window significantly. Build quality. The Satels plant has been professionally producing windows for 10 years and values its reputation. Therefore, each Satels product complies with GOST standards for the production of PVC windows. You also receive a quality certificate for the product with a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 24.02.2015
Update date: 24.02.2015 [ID: 2068]

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