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Production and supply of switchboard electrical equipment: - input, floor, apartment switchboards of the VRU1, VRU3, VRU-4A, ShchE, ShchK, UERM series; - low-voltage switchboard equipment of the ShchO 70, ShchO 91, ShR11, PR11, Ya 5000, YaRP, YaTP series, etc.; - package transformer substations for urban networks, outdoor installations, block-type (BCTP), Sandwich type, mast-mounted; - cameras KSO-298, -292, -285, -2UMZ, -393, -366, -386, KRU series K-104, K-59; - non-standard equipment using imported and Russian components according to customer projects and questionnaires.

Founded: 1994
Registration date: 16.06.2006
Update date: 18.02.2024 [ID: 20]

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Moscow, per. 1st Smolensky, 7

+7 (495) 7417412


29th international building and interiors trade show