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Timber trading base Nast LLC has been operating in the building materials market for several years. Our large sales volumes, work with direct suppliers of high-quality wood from different regions of Russia, the use of railway transport and the presence of our own large fleet of vehicles guarantee high-quality, inexpensive and fast service. We are ready to offer you, at the lowest prices in the Moscow region, Eurolining of classes "A" and "B", timber, edged and unedged boards of various sections and lengths, floorboards. In addition, we have all types of different moldings on sale - plinths, corners, slats, etc. As for roofing materials, we have glassine and roofing felt, many types of slate. You can also purchase various types of insulation, cement and dry mixes, a/c pipes, hardboard, chipboard, plywood, brick. Among other things, our company will load any building materials onto our or your vehicles for free, offer inexpensive delivery, and, if necessary, carry out cross-cutting of materials.

Founded: 2005
Registration date: 15.03.2008
Update date: 15.03.2008 [ID: 1933]

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Moscow, Novoryazanskoe highway, 2, 2 km. from MKAD

+7 (495) 9957262, 9797877


29th international building and interiors trade show