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The organization World Metallurgy LLC has been supplying rolled metal to industrial enterprises and private buyers for many years. Among the products we offer: - low-alloy steels (09G2S, 10HSND, 17G1S); - alloyed structural steels (40ХН2МА, 38Х2МYА, 30ХМА, 38ХC, 40ХН, 12ХН3А, 12Х2Н4А, 40Х, 20Х, 30ХGCА, 45, 20, 18ХГТ, 18Х2Н4ВА, 38ХН3ММА); - boiler steels (12Х1МФ, 12ХМ, 15Х5М, 20К); - tool steels (Х12МФ, ХВГ, Х12М, Х12Ф1, Х12, У8А, У10А, 9ХC, ХВГ and others); - spring steels (65G, 60S2A, 60S2HFA, 65S2VA); - ball bearing steels (ShKh15, ShKh15SG); - stainless steels (12Х18Н10Т, 14Х17Н2, 20Х13, 30Х13, 40Х13, 06ХН28МДТ and others); - heat-resistant, heat-resistant steels (20Х23Н18, ХН78Т, ХН70У, ХН60ВТ, ХН75ВТ and others). It is profitable to cooperate with us, since we can cut the amount of metal you need from circles and sheets. We have gas cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting and band sawing. We can produce parts according to your drawings or samples. We offer you special conditions when purchasing over 1 ton. We will also help organize delivery to any city to your warehouse.

Founded: 1999
Registration date: 09.08.2020
Update date: 09.08.2020 [ID: 1744]

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Ekaterinburg, lane. Passage, 1, office 23

+7 (343) 202-00-77

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