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The ALSIMA company offers services for the development and installation of sanitary partitions made of aluminum. Our products contribute to the effective zoning of bathroom and shower spaces. Moisture-resistant materials facilitate maintenance and extend the life of the partitions. Advantages of our products. - Quick installation. Installation of plumbing structures made of aluminum is carried out in the shortest possible time. - Minimum financial costs for installation and operation. Installation of partitions does not require advance labor-intensive repair work and significant material investments. The design feature is the ability to change the location for optimal zoning of the room. - Wide range of solutions. When designing partitions, we take into account the customer’s wishes for the individual features and functionality of the finished product. - Durability. For the manufacture of aluminum partitions, high-quality materials and reliable fittings are used. This increases the strength characteristics of the finished product.

Founded: 2000
Registration date: 09.02.2016
Update date: 09.02.2016 [ID: 118]

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St. Petersburg, lane. Grivtsova, 3, lit. Ah, pom. 3-H

+7 (812) 777-90-75

29th international building and interiors trade show