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Our company is engaged in the manufacture and provision of the following services and goods: - ?industrial mountaineering - installation and production of metal-plastic windows - installation and production of aluminum translucent systems - glazing of loggias and balconies - sealing of interpanel joints - installation at heights of any complexity - production and installation of sheet metal products metal - cladding of facades and interiors with composite materials services for current, major repairs and maintenance of buildings and centers - installation of TEXLON translucent systems - all types of work and maintenance of translucent systems with ETFE film - sandblasting and painting of all kinds of objects.

Founded: 2001
Registration date: 19.01.2017
Update date: 19.01.2017 [ID: 1111]

Price list not posted.

St. Petersburg, Moravsky lane, 1, building 1

+7 (960) 266-3189

29th international building and interiors trade show