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ZasoraNet has been working in the field of servicing water supply, heating and ventilation systems for more than 4 years. We provide the following services: removal of blockages of any complexity, cleaning of sewer networks, maintenance of treatment facilities, defrosting and insulating pipelines, repair and restoration work, maintenance of ventilation systems, maintenance of heating systems. We have a combined KO-560 machine in our fleet, with which we can efficiently and quickly pump out and flush wastewater treatment plants, sewer wells and pipelines. You can also rent a KO-560 car. The rental price includes: combined machine KO-560, driver, one mechanic. We work with individuals and legal entities. We conclude a long-term service agreement. There are cash and non-cash forms of payment.

Founded: 2011
Registration date: 01.12.2015
Update date: 01.12.2015 [ID: 1055]

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Moscow, st. Medynskaya, 5

+7 (985) 435-3-777

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