Yenisei Forestry Company

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The company has a full technological cycle from logging and production of rounded logs to the construction of turnkey wooden houses. Modern woodworking equipment makes it possible to produce trimmed, rounded logs with a diameter of up to 28 centimeters and grooves such as “moon groove” and “tenon and groove”. The production capacity of harvesting, processing and storage is up to 3000 cubic meters of rounded logs per month. Manufacturing of any molded products (lining, floorboards, etc.) of EURO class. Availability of a full-time architect and qualified assembly teams.

Founded: 1993
Registration date: 10.02.2007
Update date: 10.02.2007 [ID: 1004]

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Logo Yenisei Forestry Company

Moscow, st. Parshina, house 16, office No. 201

+7 (495) 9477319, 7411091

29th international building and interiors trade show